1. Research/ Consultancy Projects  completed

Year Project investigator(s) Title of the project Funding Agency Total amount sanctioned (Rs in lakhs)
Research Projects  
1978-81 Dr. D. P. Zutshi Ecology of Kashmir Valley Lakes UGC  
1981 Dr. Ashok K. Pandit Project  on   “Survey  of   Renewable   Energy DST  
1980-83 Dr. A. M. Shah Regeneration of Mulberry Sericulture Dept. J&K  
1981-84 Dr. D. P. Zutshi Ecology of Rural Lakes M. O. E. F.  
1982-85 Dr. A. M. Shah Control of Apple Scab Indofil Chemicals  
1982-85 Dr. D. P. Zutshi Eutrophication of Kashmir Waters UGC  
1983-86 Dr. A. M. Shah Rust Causing Fungi of Kashmir ICAR  
1983-86 Dr. M. Y. Qadri Ecology of pheasants M. O. E. F.  
1983-86 Dr. A. M. Shah Pesticidal Impact   on soil Microflor M. O. E. F.  
1884-85 Dr. D. P. Zutshi Limnochemistry of Dal Lake Sediments Soil  Conser. J&K  
1985-88 Dr. D. P. Zutshi Land Use Pattern and Soil Erosion in Karewa Belt   M. O. E. F.  
1985-89 Dr. D. P. Zutshi Monitoring of Dal Lake UEED, J&K  
1987-90 Dr. D.P.Zutshi Palaeoclimate and Environmental Studies in Kashmir    NPL, Ahmedabad  DST J&K  
1987-88 Dr. D. P. Zutshi Impact of  Mechanical Deweeding on the Ecosystem Durability   DST. J&K  
1988-89 Dr. D. P. Zutshi Monitoring of Himalayan Aquatic ecosystems    SAC Ahmedabad  
1989-91 Dr. D .P. Zutshi Ecology and Control of Salvinia natans INSA, New Delhi  
1997- 99 Prof. A. R. Yousuf Impact of Lower Jhelum and Uri Barrages on Fish Migration  N.H.P.C., New Delhi  
1997 – 2000 Prof. A. R. Yousuf Fish and Fisheries of River Jhelum LAWDA (J & K)  
2002-05 Prof. A. R. Yousuf Fishery potential of Kashmir Himalayas: survey and study of Ichthyofauna of the River Jhelum and its important tributaries Integrated Environmental Research Projects Almora, Uttranchal MOEF.  
  Prof. A.M. Shah  Rapid clonal multiplication of some important conifers through tissue and organ culture techniques MOEF, New Delhi
2002-04 Prof.A.N. Kamili 20
2004-07 Prof. A. R. Yousuf Wetland Biodiversity of Ladakh: Limnology of Tso Moriri and Tso Khar lakes Space Applications Center  SAC (ISRO) 22.74  
2005-09 Prof. A.N. Kamili In vitro culture of Walnut   ICAR, GoI 29.66
2006-10 Prof.   A.N. Kamili Micro-propagation of Crocus sativa (Saffron)  DBT, GoI 11.6
2007-11 Prof. M. Z. Chishti (Prof. Emeritus) Biodiversity of parasitic fauna in fishes of Jammu & Kashmir UGC, New Delhi  28.22
2007-11 Prof. M. Z. Chishti Gastrointestinal Parasitic fauna in the Ruminants of Jammu & Kashmir with special emphasis on prophylaxis.  DST, GOI. 8.5
2008-09  Prof.A. R. Yousuf Phytosociology of Ladakh NRSC  (ISRO) 28.24
2008 – 12 Prof. Azra N Kamili Mushroom Cultivation & its Marketing DBT, GOI 10
2009 – 12 Prof. Azra N. Kamili Micropropagation of Artemisia amygdalina, it’s phytochemistry and evaluation of medicinal properties.  (In collaboration with Department of Biochemistry, University of Kashmir). UGC, GOI.
2010 -2013 Prof. A. N. Kamili To study the regeneration protocol of Rheumspecies growing in Kashmir Himalaya, DST, GOI.
Ms. Shagoon Tabin 18.63
2011-2013 Prof. A.R. Yousuf Ecological Monitoring of Dal lake Ecosystem studies on the periphyton, benthos & fish & fisheries LAWDA, J&K Govt.  

1. Research/ Consultancy Projects  On going:

Consultancy Projects
2003-04     Prof. A.R.Yousuf Environment Impact Assessment (EIA) & Environment Management Plan (EMP) for  Uri Hydel project, NHPC Uri Kashmir National Hydroelectric Power Corporation, New Delhi 19.03
2004-05 Environment Impact Assessment (EIA) & Environment Management Plan (EMP) for Nimoo- Bazgo H.E. project, NHPC , Ladakh National Hydroelectric Power Corporation, New Delhi 18.8
2005-06 Rapid EIA & EMP for Mughal Road Project, J&K Govt. Public Works Department J&K Govt. 16.5
2005 Dal lake STP Analysis. LAWDA 0.12
2006 Water Analysis of STP’s of Srinagar City  Thermax Ltd 0.65
2006 Prof. A. K. Pandit Monitoring of STP at Brari Nambal, Srinagar UEED J & K Govt. 0.33
2006 – 07


Prof. A. R. Yousuf   

Socio-Economic Environment Impact Assessment (EIA) & Environment Management Plan (EMP) for Kishenganga HE  Project NHPC, Gurez National Hydroelectric Power Corporation, New Delhi 5.5
2006-07 Environment Impact Assessment (EIA) & Environment Management Plan (EMP) of Lassipora Industrial Growth Centre, Pulwama State Industries Development Corporation, J&K 8
2007 Impact of Cement Factories on Dachigam National Park Wildlife ProtectionDept. Govt. J & K 1.65
2007 Water and Air Analysis for Kashmir ERA 6.69
2010-11 Rapid EIA/EMP of Makhdoom Sahib ropeway Project J&K State Cable Car Corporation 7.15
2011-12 EIA and EMP of Pahalgam Development Area. PDA, J & K Govt. 24.2
2011-12 Impact of Kishenganga HEP on Fisheries resources and Musk deer. WAPCOS/NHPC 13
2011-12 EIA and EMP of Gulmarg Development Area. GDA, J & K Govt. 16.5
2012-13 EIA and EMP for Yousmarg Development Authority YDA ,  J & K Govt 27.5

1. Research/ Consultancy Projects  On going:

Project investigator(s) Title of the project Duration Funding Agency Total amount sanctioned (Rs)
Research Projects
Prof. M.Z. Chishti  Gastrointestinal Parasitic fauna in the Ruminants of Jammu & Kashmir with special emphasis on prophylaxis.  2007-11 DST, GoI 28.36
Prof. A. R. Yousuf Eco-monitoring of Dal Lake, Kashmir. 2012 - LAWDA (J&K Govt.) 60
Prof. M.Z. Chishti  Survey, Diagnosis and control of protozoan,bacterial and pollution related diseases in fishes of Jammu Kashmir and Ladakh 2013-16 DST,GOI 32
Prof. Azra N. Kamili In vitro culture and phytochemical analysis of Arnebia benthamii L a critically endangered medicinal plant of North Western Himalaya. 2013 DST, GOI.  26.62
Prof. Azra N. Kamili  Mushroom Spawn production for the entrepreneurs of Kashmir Valley. 2013 DBT, GoI  28.38
Prof. Azra N. Kamili Tissue culture based network programme on Saffron (Croccus sataivus) 2013 DBT, GoI 51.38
Prof. Azra N. Kamili Development of Agrotechnology for cormlets of small size in saffron 2013 DBT 21.69
Prof. Azra N. Kamili Induction of variability for genetic improvement of olorec Safron 2013 DBT 45
Prof. Azra N. Kamili Isolation,identification and cultivation of some endophytic fungi from different species of genus Artemisia for production of different bioactive metabolites 2013 DST(WOS-A) 28.22
Prof.B. A.Ganai Induction of variability of genetic improvement of Kashmir saffron 2013 DBT, GoI 90.7
  Association of genetic variations of foliate metabolism pathway genes with  Colorectal cancer susceptibility and its impact on foliate levels in plasma 2013 DST 18
Prof.B. A.Ganai
Prof.B. A.Ganai Genetic polymoprphism of cry 3Ap4 and its relevance with the risk of acute lymphoblastic leukemia in Kashmir population 2013-- DST 13.8
Prof.B. A.Ganai Association of VDR gene polymorphism with the response of colorectal cancer of Kashmir Subjects 2013-- UGC 8
Prof.B. A.Ganai Genetic study of common variants at the APO A,APO B,APO E genes in association with coronary artery diseases and its impact on apolipoprotein concentration in serum 2013-- DST 17.8
Prof.B. A.Ganai Evaluation of genetic variants and comparative experimental analysis of TNF-,11-6,IL-IB in peripheral blood mononuclear CELLS OF TYPE-2 Diabetic patients with neuropathy 2013 DBT 19.6
Prof. B. A. Ganai (Mentor) EPT (Ephemeroptera, Plecoptera and Trichoptera insect) technique for biomonitoring of selected freshwater ecosystem (Sindh river), Lidder river, Wullar lake and Dal lake) of Kashmir Himalaya” 2014-- DST, GoI Sanctione
Consultancy Projects
Prof. Azra N.Kamili Rapid Environmental Assessment Study of Gulmarg Tourist Resort 2011-- Gulmarg Development Authority 16.5
Dr. Arshid Jehangir  
Dr. Samiullah Bhat  
Dr. Mudaisr Ali Consultancy projects-EIA/EMP of Sonamarg 2013-- Sonamarg Development Authority 27.5
Submitted Projects
Prof. Azra N. Kamili Studies on Germplasm  assesment in vitro regeneration and genetic transformation of Physochlaina praealta (G. Don)- A vulnerable medicinal plant of ladakh region DST,GOI. 32.15
Dr. Ruqeya Nazir Exploration and characterization of extremophiles in the Kashmir Himalayan alpines and cold desert of Ladakh. DST,GOI 32.84
Pof. B.A. Ganai Isolation, Identification, Charecterization and Prospecting of Alpha Amylase Species for the Production of Industrially Important Alpha Amylase. (KEYNOTE ACCEPTED) DBT 49.79
Prof. Azra N. Kamili
Dr. Ruqeya Nazir
Pof. B.A. Ganai Assessing medicinally Dietary Impotant plants on Kashmir Valley proven to possible adulteration through “Quality by Design” Approach and a search for biologically active constituents in them   47
Prof. Azra N. Kamili
Pof. B.A. Ganai Phytochemical screening standardization and evualuation of various pharmacological activities of Eremurus himalaicus – An edible herb of north western Himalayas CSIR 16

Principle investigator Title Agency submitted to Budget
Dr. Bilal Rashid Malik

Epigenetic control of mitochondrial dynamics and quality control

DST-SERB 70 lakhs
Dr. Bilal Rashid Malik In vivo evaluation of selected Unani drugs for their anti-dementia activity in Drosophila Ministry of AYUSH 69 lakhs
Dr. Bilal Rashid Malik Investigation of age-related changes in synaptic proteome CSRI-KIRAN 62 lakhs

Ongoing projects

Principle investigator Title of the project Fuding agency Amount Sanctioned
Dr. Bilal Rashid Malik

Study of mechanisms of neurodegenerative disease using Drosophila as a model system.

DST-SERB 89 lakhs