Advisory Board


Prof. Münir Öztürk


Professor (Emer.) Ecology & Env. Sciences, Ex-Chairman Botany Department and Founder Director, Centre for Environmental Studies, Faculty of Science, Ege University, Turkey

Ph. No: 00-90-535-3396874

Email ID:

Prof. A. R. Yousuf


Former Expert Member, National Green Tribunal, New Delhi; Former, Dean Academic Affairs, University of Kashmir

Ph. No: 919419514446; +919906960993

Email ID:                        

Prof.  Arif  Ali


Department of Biosciences, Jamia Millia Islamia, New Delhi

Ph. No: 9810560205;  +91 (11) 26981717/  55633676

Email ID:,   

Prof. A. K. Bhat



Head, Division of Microbiology, SKUAST-J, Chatha, Jammu, J & K, India

Ph. No : 0941913870

E mail  ID:

Prof. Ravinder Raina


Food and Agriculture Foundation, Amity University, Noida, Uttar Pradesh, India

Ph no: +919418108390

E-mail ID:;

Prof. R. C. Gupta


Department of Botany, Punjabi University, Patiala

Ph. no: 94174-91981

E-mail ID :

Prof. Waseem A. Faridi


Center of Excellence in Genomic Medicine Research, King Abdulaziz University, Jeddah, KSA

Ph. no: +96612 6401000   Ext.: 25973 – 25226

E-mail ID:

Prof. P. K. Bandopadyay


Division of Parasitology, Department of Zoology, University of Kalyani, Kalyani, West Bengal

Email ID:

Ph. no: 09433214527

Dr. Jasdeep Chatrath Padaria


Principal Scientist, Biotechnology and Climate Change Group, National Research Centre on Plant Biotechnology (ICAR-NRCPB), Pusa, New Delhi

Ph.No. 011-25841787 extension 270;  Cell: 9818745925

E-mail ID:

Dr. Rashid Pervez


Principal Scientist, Division of Nematology, IARI (ICAR) Pusa New Delhi-110012

Phone No. 011-25842721; Cell: 8218625635

E-mail ID:







 Prof. Talat Ahmad 

 Vice Chancellor, University of  Kashmir, Srinagar-190 006, J  & K,  India

 Prof Zafar Ahmad Reshi


 Dean Research, University of Kashmir, Srinagar-190006, J & K, India


 Ph.No. 9419043273

 Prof. Musadiq Amin Sahaf


 Dean Academic Affairs, University of Kashmir, Srinagar-190006, J & K, India


 Ph.No. 9906523959

 Prof. Azra  N.  Kamili


 Dean, School of Biological Sciences; Director, Centre of Research for Development and  P. G. Programme in Microbiology; Head, Department Environmental Sciences


 Ph.No.  9419018650

 Prof. F. A. Masoodi

 Dean, School of Applied Science and Technology; Head, P.G. Department of Food  Science & Technology


 Ph.No. 9419135876

 Prof. M. Sultan Bhat


 Dean, School of Earth and Environmental Sciences; Head, Department of Geo.& Reg.  Development


 Ph.No. 9906577391

 Prof. Shariefuddin Pirzada

 Dean, School of Physical and Mathematical Sciences

 Ph. No: 9419077218

 Prof. Akbar Masood


 Head, P. G. Department of Biochemistry


 Ph.No. 9906966281

 Prof. M. Akbar Khuroo


 Head, P. G. Department of Chemistry


 Ph.No. 9797732626

 Dr. Mohd Tariq Banday


 Head, P. G. Department of Electronics, University of Kshmir

 E-mail:  and

 Ph.No. 9419548922

 Prof. Abdul Hamid Wani  

 Head, P. G. Department of Botany, University of Kshmir, Srinagar


 Ph.No: 0990652077

 Prof. Inayatullah Tahir

 Coordinator, P. G. Course in Bioresources;

 E-mail: &

 Ph.No. 9906536254

 Khalid Majid Fazili


 Head, P. G. Department of Biotechnology


 Ph.No. 9419003881

 Prof. Zulfiqar Ali Bhat


 Head, P. G. Department of Pharmaceutical Science


 Ph.No. 9419077701

 Prof. S. A. Romshoo


 Head, P. G. Department of Earth Science


 Ph.No. 9419010924

 Prof. Mohd Arif  Wani


 Head, P. G. Department of Computer Science


 Ph.No 7006276302

 Prof. Nisar Ahmad Rather

 Head, P. G. Department of Mathematics


 Ph.No. 9419933382

 Prof. Fayaz Ahmad


 Head, P. G. Department of Zoology


 Ph.No. 9419035303

 Prof. Mohd. Farooq Mir


 Head, P. G. Department of Physics


 Ph.No. 9419035778

 Prof. Anwar Hassan 

 Head, P. G. Department of Statistics


 Ph.No. 9419426546

 Dr. Shajrul Amin

 Coordinator, P. G. Programme of Clinical Biochemistry


 Ph.No. 919419018174

 Prof. Naheed Vaida


 Director, Institute of Home Science


 Ph.No. 9419007735

 Dr. Rabia Hamid

 Coordinator, P. G. Programme in Nanotechnology,


 Ph. No.: 0194-2429870