The Center of Research for Development (CORD) was established in 1979. Right from its inception the Centre has been quite active in establishing a multi-disciplinary and inter-institutional research base and has made considerable progress in the research areas like Horticulture, Plant Pathology, Lake Conservation, Forest Ecology, Fisheries Development, Medicinal Plants and Wild life Conservation.

The staff of the Centre has more than 450 research publications and nine books to its credit. So far 121 students completed their M. Phil. program and 72 students their Ph.D. program through the Centre and at present 39 students are pursuing their Ph.D and 04 students are pursuing their M.Phil projects in the fields of Terrestrial and Aquatic Ecology, Fisheries, Environmental Microbiology, Toxicology and Plant Tissue Culture and Conservation. Centre also runs the P.G. Department of Environmental Science, University of Kashmir, Srinagar from 2000.


The Centre strives to carry out research which is academically of high-level and at the same time has a strong societal impact. The Centre has specific strengths, flexibility, agility and innovativeness in opening new research areas. We foster collaboration and networking in research both domestically and internationally. The Centre also provides M.Phil and Ph.D scholars with an inspiring research environment, which supports their career development.



To be a world class University committed to creat and disseminate knowledge for human development and welfare"